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Jun. 4th, 2010



Ladino as first language

My husband was listening to the weekly Ladino hour on the Jewish radio, and the speaker said that today he wasn't aware of ANY family where Ladino was used as the FIRST COMMUNICATION LANGUAGE between the members.
I would like to know if you know any family corresponding to that definition? You don't have to give details, just "a family with three kids in Turkey" is enough, though details are welcome. IYH.

Feb. 21st, 2010

window blooms


Jewish Wedding Cutoms

For an intriguing insight into Jewish wedding practices, the what and the why, come to Congregation Mount Sinai, 250 Cadman Plaza West, Brooklyn, NY. Monday, February 22 at noon.

Feb. 20th, 2010

roman matron


Purim Carnival

Sunday February 21, 1-4 PM, Congregation mount Sinai, 250 Cadman Plaza West, Brooklyn

and YOU in your fabulous Purim costume (or not)
No reservation needed

Dec. 18th, 2009



(no subject)

Hello all, I think this is a good cause so I am passing it on - I got it from Liberal Judaism here in the UK. Apologies if this offends any traditional ladies in this group - I really don't want to upset anyone.

Chanukkah Call to Action from Rabbi Danny Rich

Liberal Jews across the UK are being asked to wear their tallitot in solidarity with Women of the Wall this Shabbat.

Following the arrest of Nofrat Frankel, who was wearing a tallit and a kippah and carrying a scroll during the Women of the Wall’s Rosh Chodesh Kislev prayers, the Women of the Wall are determined to return in even larger numbers for Rosh Chodesh Tevet which falls this coming Friday (18 December).

Nofrat Frankel, whose career as a doctor is threatened by this arrest, was held under regulations which date back to the mandate period of King George V of 1924. To these 12 rules was added a thirteenth in 1993, namely that ‘one may not perform a religious act that offends the feelings of others’. The arresting officer, a Druze, was presumably not offended but perhaps he was reflecting the views of some of the more traditional Jews who act as though the Wall belongs to their particular sect.

Rabbi Danny Rich, Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism, observes, ‘It is ironic that during the celebration of Chanukkah which recalls the example of the few who fought for religious freedom, it is in the very same land – of Israel - that women are forced to fight for their religious rights. Although it is not our universal custom I am calling upon our congregants to wear their tallitot both on Erev Shabbat and on Shabbat morning.’

Sep. 10th, 2009



mikvah-ish question

for those of you who use the mikvah for Tahara HaMishpacha and who observe THM, I need to pick your brain.

We observe THM and are shomer mitzvot. Husband and I keep the harkachot, I cover my hair, and  we follow the laws of niddah. So, lately I feel virtually nothing when I go to the mikvah. No sense of "purity" or "renewal," no higher spiritual experience.  And believe, it's no lack of being attracted to my husband; we're a-okay in that department.  But the laws which we learned would help strengthen our connectio just seem like more of a frustration and anoyance than anything else. I get excited to go to the mikvah because that menas I can touch him again, but that's about it.
Anyone else out there ever go through this?


May. 27th, 2009


Call for submissions to feminist Jerusalemite zine!

Hi Everybody!

Next issue of Jerusalem-based feminist zine, Fallopian Falafel, will be a special issue on pregnancy and abortion. But due to my grandmother’s passing this week, I decided to dedicate this issue in her memory and include a special segment on families, ancestry and the like.

It would be great if you would grace my zine with a paragraph or a short story about your grandmother(s). What she means to you, what makes her special, how she affected your life, or maybe a memorable moment you shared. 

If you have more than one story about your grandmother (I know I do), please do send as many contributions as you like. It really can be as short as three sentences. Whatever you like.

Regarding pregnancy and abortion, topics for submission may include:

- Children

- How does being pregnant honor your uterus

- How does not being pregnant honor your uterus

- Complications in pregnancy

- Being barren/sterile

- Pro-choice/pro-life debates

- Genetic diseases

- Genetic engineering

- Contraception

- Hysterectomies and vasectomies

- Birth methods

- Abortion methods

- Adoption

- In-vitro/artificial insemination

- Donated sperm, donated egg, surrogacy

- Political issues on the woman’s body (in Israel or elsewhere)

- Your geniusly deviated ideas!

As always, free issue for every contributor. Yes, even for three sentences about your grandmother!

Stuff my mailbox everyone!!!! Fallopian.falafel@gmail.com

Happy Shavuot!


Mar. 23rd, 2009



Lectures for Ladies!

I hope you don't mind my going commercial again. Believe me, I wouldn't hawk these products if I didn't believe in them . . .

The busy pre-Pesach season is upon us and what better way to turn the chore of cleaning into a spiritual experience than with a taste of "Wein."

These select lectures, downloadable to your iPod, are now available at a 20% discount.

Connect with the great women made the Jewish people what it is today!

View Products Here: http://www.rabbiwein.com/ProductsListing/MP3-Sale-C47/All/

Mar. 20th, 2009


Jerusalem Feminist Zine!

Jerusalem-based, indie, non-profit-yet-still-all-around-amazing feminist zine, Fallopian Falafel - Eshet Chayil, is gearing up for its 8th issue and is looking to have your byline within its 30 pretty pages.

The issue will focus on relationships, love and marriage, and submissions can be about:
- Polygamy
- Status of woman in relationships/marriage, divorce
- Feminism in relation to intermarriages, gay marriages, nuclear families, single parents, civil unions, etc.
- Dynamics between men and women in secular compared to religious unions
- The marriage rituals and symbols in Judaism
- The effect of divorce on religious women in orthodox communities
- How to be a strong independent woman in a strong, committed relationship, or how that may pose a problem
- Poems, drawings, photography, and any medium of art in relation to the topic
- Your ideas!

Deadline for submissions: April 10, 2009

Send to: fallopian.falafel@gmail.com
As always, submissions are voluntary but a free copy will be mailed to all contributors featured in the zine!
For more info, contact Hadass at the above address or check out www.fallopianfalafel.com.
Send me some love!

Mar. 18th, 2009



baby food

do any of you know of any jarred baby food that is kosher for Passover? I can't seem to find any in the supermarket, and I don't even want to think about making my own.
any advice would be helpful!

Mar. 16th, 2009



Birkat haChama

If anyone is interested, here are the prayers (in Hebrew and English) that is said for Birkat haChama.

Birkat Hachama will said at sunrise on April 8, 2009 (Hebrew date: 14 Nissan 5769).

For more info, head over here.


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